Demos 2015​/​16

by Micky Dey

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I'm gonna be bobbing any new ideas and sounds I been working with recently on here in the hope that I get a new record together this year.


released January 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Micky Dey Vienna, Austria

Micky Dey is a folk-rock artist, born and bred in the bleak and brutal valleys of Northern England, but recently moved to Vienna. His vocal melodies soar from broken and delicate depths to defiant and rich highs, sitting somewhere within the song writing styles of Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley and Laura Stevenson, full of stories of his years living in the capital and touring this continent. ... more

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Track Name: Picking Stitches
Broke it off in true style,
With no fights, no fires.
Just what you came to expect,
Living with my desires.
You wanted one circle,
But I gave you too many sides of mine.

I've had enough of your guesswork,
You could never get it right.
Just feel safe in the knowledge,
this is not the first night,
slinking off down the road,
to judge the normal lives against mine.

Spent the night picking stitches,
come loose from my skin.
The ones that hold out the badness,
That keep goodness in.
I went to my doctor, she told me,
'It's a sin', to let fall on you,
What's been damaged in me.
Track Name: The Downturn Soil (Demo)
The curse of this place,
Is a necessary evil I can take,
To lift me up out of the prison I escaped,
The thought that keeps me here is you.

Oh the way we portrayed eachother's needs,
You said you needed to be saved,
From a holy spectre that haunts you through each day,
And by night the ghost is you.

This valley knows no names,
Knows not of where we came,
But leads us all the same,
Down a long and lonely road,
And if I ever start to stray,
The only thought I need is you.

The scars that line my face,
artefacts of circumstance,
but stories all the same,
To shape the memory
of you stalling the path I always said I'd take
of you calling out for all but your own sake
in the end it's not what was real, but what was fake.
Track Name: Francis (Demo)
time it fades like nothing else, like forgetting your name
in truth a fear now appear to sit within your place
that you’re a witness to this hour, and all the hours gone,
of this child of faultless faults of being, wrong things I have done,
the surveillance I can take, but the silence I can not,
does it seem alright to chase a meal for fear of being outrun?

Fly fears, away to, the place lives fade through
And I hoped that I would see you again

been a friend to demon urges, at lengths you can not know,
far, far enough and far too many thoughts saw fit to grow
like a child running wild, tripping on her lace,
as cuts fade to scars, returns the smile to her face,
so quit pinching her arm, and let the joyful be,
joy is not the punishment you hold against your knee,

Fly fears away to, the place lives fade through
And I hoped that I would see you again

And I know how I’ll remember you, upon that stage,
of your torn up youth, and the palisades that defied your age,
and if these words ever found you, I can hear how you’d say,
‘Go with your fears, my child, you’ll be right some day,
you among the few I showed how love it does not spoil
if you keep it in your heart like seeds deep within the soil

Fly, fears, away to the place lives fade through
Before, and not the day you died,
The town that made you,
Is where I, hoped that I would see you again.
No I, know that I will see you again.